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River View Drive
Lee's Ferry, Arizona circa 1930's

River View Drive
circa 1930/2002.

Differences then and now ~ tamarisk lines the banks of the river, the dense thickets obstructing both the view of and access to the river in places.  The river water runs dark, blue, and cold because of the Glen Canyon Dam located up stream.  The Colorado River that Charles shot was still flowing red and muddy, and at a higher flow.  The sandy delta at the confluence of the Paria with the Colorado is under water but still visible in Charles' photograph.




Helpful hints in determining just where Charles stood back in 1930 were provided by Dr. David Williams of Flagstaff.  The boulder mid-stream* was the clue to the location for this rephotograph. 

*The boulder is a dark spot in the river in the 1930 photograph and the white spot in the rephotograph.

Finding where Charles was actually standing in 1930 still took some doing.  Our first attempt was from the campsite, seen in the foreground of the rephotograph.  We later determined that he was located on a hill just above the lower rapids and site of the lower ferry when the ferry was still in operation.  Today there are still signs of the old road, no longer in use, leading up the hill.

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