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 Navajo Bridge
Lee's Ferry, Arizona circa 1930's

Navajo Bridge circa 1930/1999

The original Navajo Bridge was completed in 1929.  The use of the ferry had been discontinued following a drowning accident in June, 1928 but plans for the new bridge and more efficient access to the Arizona Strip country had been in place prior to the tragedy.  A new bridge was constructed in 1995.  Today, the old Navajo Bridge is used only for foot traffic.

A serendipitous re-photograph ~ that day in 1999, I hadn't taken the Clock photographs with me and so took my shot from memory. Note the large rock in the foreground.

Bridge Shadows, 
circa September, 2002

Reference: Lee's Ferry/From Mormon Crossing to National Park by P.T. Reilly, 1999.

Navajo Bridge, 1930's photo

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