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I know very little about the Charles Clock family.  Information has been collected from obituaries, headstones, records maintained at Hillside Memorial Cemetery, old newspaper accounts (some of which Muriel pasted onto the inside cover of books), genealogy information posted on the Internet, and, finally,  the memories of those who knew them.  During a trip to Redlands In 1998, the staff at Smiley Library were generous with their time, assisting me in the search of city records and directories, and other sources of information.  Because I did not keep complete records early on,  I am unable to accurately attribute the sources for the information included herein; my apologies for any slight my enthusiasm in those early days of collecting information may now cause. 

If you are a visitor to this page, it is probably at my request.  My interest in the Clocks has been primarily in re-photographing their snapshots taken in northern Arizona.  I have little information about their life in Redlands, or of the Redlands community at the time Charles and Muriel were alive.  Your assistance in providing any information regarding the photographs and/or the Clock family is greatly appreciated.

What I know (or think I know) about the Clocks:

  • The Clock family  arrived in Redlands in or around 1895.  Charles Livingston Clock, and his wife Rebecca, moved their family from Iowa to Los Angeles in 1893 before making the move to Redlands. 

  • Charles Henry Clock attended Stanford University at the turn of the century; Muriel also attended and graduated from Stanford University.  Charles married Muriel Beamer (my great-aunt.) in 1904.  

  • For the first years of their marriage they lived at Judson and Lugonia.  Their daughter, Kathreen, was born in 1906 and is shown here in several early photos taken at the Judson and Lugonia homestead.

  • The house at Judson and Lugonia no longer stands.  There is still an orange grove on the northeast corner.

  • Charles Henry. served as Redlands mayor circa 1912 and city councilman in 1910, and was active in establishing Sylvan Park.  Charles Livingston helped in the building of the Methodist Church in Redlands prior to the turn of the century.

  • Charles was the president of the Redlands~Highlands Fruit Exchange for many years and respected for his leadership in the Sunkist organization.  Included in the collection of negatives are several packets of Susanville, circa the late 1930's ~ ostensibly demonstrating Sunkist's interests in lumber.

  • In 1915, the twins, Phillip and Phyllis, were born.

  • Based on the photos in the collection, Charles appears to have developed an interest in cars and photography as a young man--interests that stayed with him until his death in 1946.  He liked to travel, especially by motor vehicle, and made annual treks to the western Navajo Reservation at a time when roads were little more than dirt tracks.  Their friends, Clarence and Florence White accompanied the Clocks on at least one of these adventures, taken during the fall of 1933.  

  • By 1919 (and possibly earlier) Charles and Muriel had returned to live at Palm Avenue. They maintained the Palm Avenue residence until purchasing the Greystone home on Dwight Avenue, in 1944.  The Palm Avenue residence no longer stands; condominiums now grace the property where Charles and Muriel raised their family.

  • The family plot in Hillside Memorial Park is located on West Palm.  Specimens from Charles' mineral collection decorate several of the headstones.

  • Muriel married J.J. Prendergast in 1948; she died in 1956.  

  • Phyllis died tragically of breast cancer in 1949.

  • Kathreen died in 1976.  Phillip died in 1996 and his remains were interred at Hillside Memorial Park after 1998.

  • Anna Beamer died in 1933, and my grandmother, Helen (Peg) Beamer Vestey, died in 1986.




circa 1932

Old-fashioned luncheon.

Please contact me if you know any of the women in this picture.

circa 1932

Muriel Clock third person from left.

circa 1907

My great-grandmother, Anna Beamer with my grandmother, Helen Beamer Vestey.  The Joseph Beamers lived at 922 Cajon Street; I assume this was taken at that location, probably in the back yard.

circa 1907

Muriel Clock holding her oldest daughter, Kathreen.  This was the Charles H. Clock home at Judson and Lugonia.  The car ~ a 1907 Cadillac "Tourist."

circa 1907

Muriel, Kathreen, and Charles Clock posing for a portrait at the Judson and Lugonia homestead.  A faint outline of San Gorgoino Mountain can be seen in the background.

circa 1907

Muriel Clock is driving the car; location is at their home at Judson and Lugonia.  Kathreen is in the middle of the back seat.  The other woman and children are unidentifed.  Apparently Muriel was not allowed to drive very far from the house!

circa 1932

Possibly Charles Clock (and his dog, Ruffie) in the snow at 671 E. Palm Avenue.

I visited this spot in 1998 to find the house had been demolished and condominiums built.

circa 1932

Another view of 671 E. Palm Avenue.

circa 1932

Muriel's wrote on the packet containing this photo: Three of Mr. Kellogg.  I assume this is Mr. Kellogg, with two unidentified young women.

circa 1932

Taken in the area of 1001 Palms.


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